Mainali Group

Mainali Group of Companies, a reputed group with proud brands, concedes culture and rich traditions. Mainali Group serves through Mainali industries Pvt. Ltd., Pareli Business house Pvt. Ltd. and Mainali Marketing, sister companies of Mainali Group of Companies. We are here to fulfil the needs of consumers with satisfying products since 2068 BS, becoming a perfect group with a well experienced team of business professionals. We have grown to become a leading manufacturer of varieties of food and non- food items that satisfy your needs. Our diversified industries include different kinds of food and non-food items.

We import different kinds of raw materials and finished goods through Pareli Business house Pvt. Ltd. and manufacture food and non-food items with the help of the Mainali industries Pvt. Ltd. and also distribute across the country our local and global products through Mainali Marketing. All these are the sister companies of Mainali Group. Moreover, we have a satisfying team for production and marketing of our own capabilities. Today we are a well-established company for professional production, marketing, sales and distribution with warehousing operations. We are able to deal with overall supermarkets and retail operators.

Humility, effective staffing, discipline, customer support, Sincerity, Simplicity and Ownership are some of the values we hold and that illuminate the Mainali group as a distinct business group among many in Nepali market. Starting from a single business to group of companies now, these values have helped us to establish as a reliable supplier and manufacturerof food and non-food products in the Nepali market. These values will continue to provide our foundation as our strength, even if we venture through the 21st century- a century of challenge and bigger opportunity as well. We are equally committed to supply consumers with the nutritious, hygienic, and affordable food and daily uses products from around the globe despite many hurdles that come on the way.

As a food and non-food providing and producing company, we are continuously running our services and production process during this pandemic situation. We are doing everything we can to keep our team members, workers, and clients. We are proud to produce our brands for our community and our nation although we face this challenge together and we are ready to accept the challenge as an opportunity and serve for our consumers. We are working hard to provide a safe environment for our technical and non-technical staff so we can continue to serve our items for our valuable clients and families, societies, and nation during this critical situation.

 We are working with a further plan to produce quality goods and decrease import enhancing local productivity and help in economic growth of the nation too. With a future plan to reach the remote village across the country, we are work hard to become one of the trusted groups in Nepal.


"To view change in market as an opportunity to grow to use our profit and our ability to develop sales and marketing/distribute innovative products, service and solutions that satisfy emerging customers need "


"To provide product, service and solution of highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earn their respect and loyalty "

Development strategy

"Developing a supply chain towards the targeted customers in specific markets by using its proactive, dynamic and professional human resources"

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