Being a delegated part of Mainali Group, Mainali Industries Pvt. Ltd. serves as manufacturer and distributor of various food and non-food items with other daily hacks products. It is a business and service-oriented one of the sister companies of Mainali group. With vision and mission of producing and providing quality products with high quality services at affordable cost to satisfy emerging needs of consumers we work as product manufacturer under brand “Passion” bathroom tissue, face tissue, napkins and other sanitary products.

We are working with various local businesses and have been able to create the brand of our products throughout the country in a short period of time. Though we are manufacturing only product at present, we are planning and committed to expand it to many other items of daily needs. Such as biscuits, cookies, chocolate, and peanut butter on food items and other daily uses products on non-food items like beauty products as well as sanitary products. We are devoted to manufacture a large-scale production of goods using manual labour supported by latest technologies and expertise.

We follow the traditional production strategy, where we start production on past sales data to forecast consumer demand and we supply those finished goods with our clients on their requirement. As a manufacturer we are responsible for the overall process of producing the final goods, such as food and non-food items and their quality. We produce goods from Mainali Industries Pvt. Ltd. and bring those products to the market, decide distributors and supply goods to Grocery store, Departmental store, Wholesalers, groceries, medicals, cosmetics parlour across the country recently and round the globe in a long run via Mainali Marketing. We would like to assure our prospective clients that we make a reasonable deal and provide each of our products at flexible price rate compared to the market.

With a future plan to produce different products that will reduce imports of product form foreign country, it, we believe, will help for sustainable economic growth of the nation. We are working to reach each and every remote area of Nepal promoting even small business houses, to supply goods, and to make consumers satisfied and proud of Mainali Industries Pvt. Ltd.

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