Mainali Marketing is an essential sister company of Mainali group. It mainly focuses on the distribution of goods and products produced and imported to fulfil the satisfaction of consumers. It is definitely a supplier of FMCG food items like Biscuits, chocolates, candy, jelly, pasta, jam, cooking oil as well as nonfood items like napkins, Bathroom tissue, face tissue and body care.

The goals of Manali Marketing include growing new markets or audience, product marketing, and even strategic communication. Mainali Marketing focuses solely on updated, satisfying and happy customers.  We keep in mind that when people buy products, they are actually purchasing solutions to their daily life issues. So, considering our customer’s problems, we enable manufacturing industries to create and market a great solution to their problems. While all departments in a business think about their customer and suppliers, Manali Marketing puts the customer and suppliers at the front and center of every step it passes.

Our management and marketing team works to place products on the market. Our team has already fulfilled required experience in relative fields of importing required products and distributing them. The basic goal of the business is to source, market and distribute to supermarkets, mini-marts, wholesales, retail grocery (Kirana) stores, cosmetics, medicals, and beauty products in the domestic market places. We supply products around the main working area of Kathmandu valley and also in other major cities of Nepal like Pokhara, Butwal, Biratnagar and so on.

As a service or product is ready for the marketplace, our marketing team is waiting in the wings to fly with an effective sales strategy around this new business opportunity to overcome the needs of consumers. Mainali marketing team’s job is to meet with sales staff before, during, and after our food and non- food items are rolled out to the domestic market. This ensures the messaging created for this item is consistent with all the methods through to the just one sales call.

Most markets are better off if the market is well balanced- where we are competing on price and features. Most supermarkets ordered more products for their daily record than they have space for. And the same idea applies at the retail level where some retailers compete on price and quantity. Thus, many manufacturers and production houses will find it difficult to get their item into retail stores and we want to help by selling their qualitative local product through our Mainali Marketing strategy.

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